Buddy Baker - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House [1964]

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What is there to say about this record beyond "Happy Halloween!"?

Actually lots of stuff, and not that.

If you looked at this cover you might think it's a record of spooky sounds, and you'd be half right. It is a record of sounds.

The A side uses narration to frame some decidedly non-spooky things into a sort- of-spooky story narrative but let's be honest. Track 2 is about a dynamite and then it explodes. Hissss... bang.

Track 3 is some non-spooky dog barks and track 5 is some non-spooky cat yowls.

Track 4 is just a tree falling down. Track 8 is water drip noises featuring old-timey casual racism!

The B side is just the noises from the A side without the narration.

Maybe it would be hard to fill up an entire LP with spooky sounds but actually i am pretty sure it wouldn't be that hard at all. I have no idea what is going on here.

Overall: 2spoopy (out of 10)

A1 The Haunted House 2:56
A2 The Very Long Fuse 1:26
A3 The Dogs 1:09
A4 Timber 1:41
A5 Your Pet Cat 0:45
A6 Shipwreck 1:34
A7 The Unsafe Bridge 1:17
A8 Chinese Water Torture 2:00
A9 The Birds 0:43
A10 The Martian Monsters 1:38

B1 Screams and Groans 0:54
B2 Thunder, Lightning and Rain 1:55
B3 Cat Fight 0:49
B4 Dogs 0:44
B5 A Collection of Creaks 1:50
B6 Fuses and Explosions 1:07
B7 A Collection of Crashes 0:42
B8 Birds 0:30
B9 Drips and Splashes 1:14
B10 Things From Space 0:45

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