Peter Rabbit Records - Let's All Go to the Circus [0000]

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This album is horrible.

It's a mid 20th century kid's album about the circus, so infantile melodies and vapid subject matter can be excused. That's not the problem.

This album is a cringeworthy cavalcade of old-timey racism, grown-ass adults impersonating baby voices, and flat-out bonkers nonsense.

A4 is just about the worst thing I have ever heard in my life, but it's ostensibly on topic.

The album goes way off topic more than once; track A6 is about a kid* who wants to change physics through legislation and B2 is about another kid** who... had a zany dream. A dream which was about everything except the circus.

Overall rating: 0/3 rings

*grown-ass adult
**another grown-ass adult

A1 The Biggest Show On Earth
A2 Annette, The Little Majorette
A3 I've Got Two Passes For The Circus
A4 I Got The Brass Ring On The Merry-Go-Round
A5 I Love A Clown
A6 If It Was Up To Me
B1 Here Comes The Circus
B2 That's What I Dreamed Last Night
B3 I Want To Be A Lion Tamer
B4 The Man On The Flying Trapeze
B5 The Giant And The Midget
B6 It's A Great Day At The Circus

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