Tercet Egzotyczny - Tercet Egzotyczny [1968]

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Polaks with sombreros sing about Mexico and South America in Polish.

This album feels like a relic from an alternate universe, but here it is. There is some serious mood swinging going on but the album is not without its moments. Ladyface there (Izabella Skrybant) can sing!

A1 - W Samo Poludnie
A2 - O Izabello
A3 - W Gorach Sierra Maestra
A4 - Las Caretas
A5 - Stary Gaucho
A6 - Koguty Don Josego
A7 - Adios Havana Mia

B1 - Malaguena
B2 - Granada
B3 - Pamelo, Zegnaj
B4 - Rodeo
B5 - Vinero Dinero Y Amor
B6 - W Malej Hacjendzie
B7 - Kaktusy

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