The Canadian Government - Voi-See [1983]

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Okay so what can I say about this piece of literal and figurative garbage?

It was issued by the Canadian government as a fundraiser for the blind. Side A has O Canada on it, which is great because I sure haven't heard that enough. The "Salute To Air Command" is some military pomp so maybe... maybe you 'll like that? I doubt it.

Side B is where it heats up. Actual music someone might want to listen to, okay!

And then ... a seven minute meandering bit of brassy pomp entitled "A Tribute to Stephen Foster".

Final rating (out of 5 stars): UGGGGGGGGH

A1 - Fanfare
A2 - O Canada
A3 - Thunderbird
A4 - A Child is Born
A5 - El Capitan

Salute To Air Command

A6 - Air Salute
A7 - Airman's Prayer
A8 - Last Post And Reveille
A9 - Canadian Forces Base Ottawa March
A10 - RCAF March Past

B1 - Strike up the Band
B2 - Slava (Overture)
B3 - Play it Again Sam
B4 - You Belong to Me
B5 - A Tribute to Stephen Foster

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